Strange Tales from Japan


Prepare to be spooked by these chilling Japanese short stories!


Strange Tales from Japan presents 99 spine-tingling tales of ghosts, yokai, demons, shapeshifters and trickster animals who inhabit remote reaches of the Japanese countryside. 33 color woodblock prints and over 55 b&w illustrations of these creatures, who have inhabited the Japanese imagination for centuries, bring the stories to life.


The captivating tales in this volume include:


  • The Curse of Okiku–A servant girl is murdered by her master and curses his family, with gruesome results
  • The Vengeance of Oiwa–The terrifying spirit of a woman murdered by her husband who seeks retribution from beyond the grave
  • The Snow Woman–A man is saved by a mysterious woman who swears him to secrecy
  • Tales of the Kappa–Strange human-like sprites with green, scaly skin who live in water and are known to pull children and animals to their deaths
  • And many, many more!

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