The Last Night to Kill Nazis


The Fuhrer is Dead and the clock is ticking…

The Last Night to Kill Nazis is an emotional rollercoaster of adventure, terror and revenge that explores one of the world’s most evil events through the lens of a horror novel. An entertaining and enlightening novel that is Inglorious Basterds meets Dracula. 


April 30th, 1945. The Fuhrer has shot himself. Goebbels is drafting a surrender and the slow process for justice begins. This starts a clock ticking for Noah Sammovich, a former army ranger turned OSS secret agent. Only a month earlier he helped to liberate a death camp in central Germany. The trauma of seeing the final solution enacted on his people has convinced him that he must act before the surrender. His mission — kill as many of the top Nazi leadership as he can before peace becomes official.


The SS hatches a plan for 150 top leaders to escape from a secret airstrip in the alps and form a New Fatherland in occupied Manchuria. Noah has a plan and a secret weapon, a creature of the night with a thirst for blood and the ability to manipulate the psychic trauma of the pain they caused.

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