The Tarot & Astrology Handbook


A Mystic Masterclass in Understanding the Cards

Decode the tarot and learn how the cards are influenced by the zodiac from astrological counsellor and tarot expert Argus Kaldea. With his gentle guidance, you’ll not only gain in-depth insight into astrology for clearer tarot readings and more accurate analyses of future events, but also build a deeper, more intuitive understanding of the complex cosmic cards, the world around you and, most importantly, yourself.

Ever questioned if you should make a career switch or pondered which planet is messing with your moods? Wonder no more, loves. Learn to interpret tarot spreads that correspond to current astrological alignments in order to bring clarity to your personal life and make informed decisions for your future. Discover how celestial bodies govern our everyday actions. Or call upon ancient cosmic wisdom to help heal old wounds and move forward into a better future.

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