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The too personal story of

Netherworld Books

I’m an on again/off again bookseller with a taste for imaginative literature, and hangups about capitalism. How it’s flattened, denatured & commodified almost everything. How it’s colonized our dreams.

I had enough saved to buy a tent, tables, and a couple boxes of books. On weekends I travel around the region (lower Michigan, mostly) with a weird, wild, expansive selection of books, the stuff I could never, ever find locally. They’re also sold through this site! For the time being, the only products listed are currently in stock.

As far as what gets ordered, I incline towards the surrealist, queer, international & anti-authoritarian. And darkness, crucibles, experiments. This work also brings me face to face with incredible people — I get to pick their brains, take suggestions, admire their shaggy, multi-colored hair.

All this is pretty clearly a bad reaction to the drivel I grew up with (now it’s worse!), people reminding me to smile, this country’s vapid, selfish, white supremacist culture. But there are worse things! Much, much worse🪓🪓

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